Our Belief

GNG Agritech & Waste Management is the venture of GNG Group a 25 years old conglomerate with having interest in Infrastructure Development, Horticulture & Rural Development. We believe that entrepreneurial & organizational capabilities can only be fractionally harnessed when the purpose is mere BUSINESS. Sustainability of business over decades and centuries depends upon steady cumulative growth and the ability to harness the potential of the Socio-economic environment. All our businesses are associated with the lives of millions of people in the country and help create capabilities, opportunities, and betterment. Therefore, there are immense holistic synergies associated with our business model based on 'Empowering Cumulative Growth' since we are intimately involved and committed to the mission of serving and improving the lives and welfare of all those associated with our business.


  • Efficient management of waste through research and development

  • Converting the waste into biofuel and soil nutrition

  • Reduce net carbon emissions

  • Reducing carbon and water footprints

  • Working and developing sustainable agricultural tradition which means performing the traditional practices of agriculture with the applied modern science to make it viable not only financially but for the environment also

Small Green Plants


Taking the vision of the GNG Group further – Genesis of a New Generation which is not only ecologically sustainable but also nature and earth friendly. Our Tag Line says everything, “Get Green, Get Growing”. The whole concept is about creating environment friendly conditions where all of us can grow in sync with the nature. The philosophy behind our work - “A family and society grow great when old men plant trees, whose shade they know, they shall never sit in.”