PROM - Phosphorous Rich Organic Manure

Phosphorous Rich Organic Manure, as the name suggests is organic manure rich in Phosphorous prepared by co-composting of high-grade rock phosphate with dung. Phosphorous is one of the macronutrients of all plants

​Multiple types of research have indicated that PROM shows better results than chemical-based fertilizers like DAP and helps to maintain the overall flora and fauna of the soil. In chemical-based fertilizers research has indicated only 30% Phosphorous is absorbed by plants and the rest of it remains in the soil in the form which can’t be used by crops. Whereas, for PROM the Phosphorous absorption can be up to 100%.





Black / Brown / Grey


0.4% Minimum

C:N Ratio



1.5 mm to 3.5 mm


7.9% Minimum


10.4% Minimum


6.7 - 7.5

Frequently asked questions

What is PROM?

PROM stands for Phosphorous Rich Organic Manure. As the name suggests it is organic manure rich in Phosphorous and is a replacement for DAP to be used in plants.

What are the packing Sizes available?

Currently, we have got packing sizes of 1 kg and 50 kg for the product.

What is the specification of PROM?

PROM has 10.4% Phosphorous as per government guidelines.

How do I order the product?

You can order PROM from our website – For bulk orders you can get in touch with us from either of the medias Email – Whatsapp – 9967462061 Phone – 966463007

I have bulk requirement, how do I get in touch with you?

We give attractive discounts on bulk orders (minimum 200 kgs). For bulk order please use either of the below methods Email – Call / Whatsapp – 9967462061 / 9664630007 Use Contact Us form on the website Our team will get back to on receiving the details.

What is PROM used for?

PROM is an alternative to chemical-based phosphorous products such as DAP / SSP. It provides essential Phosphorous to the plants along with organic carbon both of which are essential for plant growth and health.