We at GetGreen deal in plants in wholesale as well, below is a list of some of the plants we deal in.


Getgreen_Plant_ Jade- Good Luck Plant_ed

Jade - Good Luck Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Syngonium - Green.jpeg

Syngonium - Green

Getgreen_Plant_Spider Chlorophytum Plant.jpeg

Spider Chlorophytum Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Dracaena Colorama Plant.jpeg

Dracaena Colorama Plant


Peace lily, Spathiphyllum Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Money Plant - Green.jpeg

Money Plant - Green

Getgreen_Plant_ Jade- Good Luck Plant_ed

Syngonium - Golden

Getgreen_plant_Sansevieria - Hahnii Plant.jpeg

Sansevieria - Hahnii Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Dracaena Colorama Plant.jpeg

Aglaonema Plant

getgreen_plants_2 layer bamboo.png

2 Layer Bamboo Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Money Plant - Golden.jpeg

Money Plant - Golden

Getgreen_Plant_Miniature Syngonium.jpeg

Miniature Syngonium

Getgreen_Plant_Sansevieria Hybrid Plant.jpeg

Sansevieria Hybrid Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Croton Plant.jpeg

Croton Plant

getgreen_plants_3 layer bamboo.png

3 Layer Bamboo Plant

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