We at GetGreen deal in plants in wholesale as well, below is a list of some of the plants we deal in.


Getgreen_Plant_ Jade- Good Luck Plant_ed

Jade - Good Luck Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Syngonium - Green.jpeg

Syngonium - Green

Getgreen_Plant_Spider Chlorophytum Plant.jpeg

Spider Chlorophytum Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Dracaena Colorama Plant.jpeg

Dracaena Colorama Plant


Peace lily, Spathiphyllum Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Money Plant - Green.jpeg

Money Plant - Green

Syngonium - Golden

Getgreen_plant_Sansevieria - Hahnii Plant.jpeg

Sansevieria - Hahnii Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Dracaena Colorama Plant.jpeg

Aglaonema Plant

getgreen_plants_2 layer bamboo.png

2 Layer Bamboo Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Money Plant - Golden.jpeg

Money Plant - Golden

Getgreen_Plant_Miniature Syngonium.jpeg

Miniature Syngonium

Getgreen_Plant_Sansevieria Hybrid Plant.jpeg

Sansevieria Hybrid Plant

Getgreen_Plant_Croton Plant.jpeg

Croton Plant

getgreen_plants_3 layer bamboo.png

3 Layer Bamboo Plant

Frequently asked questions

Do you deal only in these plants?

This is not an exclusive list but we deal majorly in these plants on bulk basis only. There are other plants as well in which we deal. For more details, please get in touch with us.

I have bulk requirement, how do I get in touch with you?

For bulk order please use either of the below methods Email – Call / Whatsapp – 9967462061 / 9664630007 Use Contact Us form on the website Our team will get back to on receiving the details.

What is the minimum quantity to be considered as Bulk?

Typically any order having 200 or more plants is what we consider as bulk.

Will they get damaged during transportation?

The pots will not get damaged when handled carefully and transported with proper packaging.

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