Knowledge Base

We at GNG have always believed in sharing what we know to increase the overall awareness of the society in general and our users in particular. We have tried to create a Knowledge Base or resource center and have tried to answer all the relevant questions that people might have about the same.


We have multiple products which we manufacture directly and some of them we get them manufactured from our partners. There is a number of misconceptions about the same in the mind of the people we try to answer each of the those through this.

Some of the Products we will talk about are

  • BioChar

  • VermiCompost

  • Organic Compost

  • Potting Mix

  • Neem Khali

  • Neem Oil

  • PROM

  • Leaf Compost

  • Succulent Mix

  • Rose Khad

  • Saraso Khali / Mustard Cake

  • Cocopeat

Gardening Services is a very big area and it has yet to reach even  5% of its potential. We have come across so many queries through our customers as well as general interactions that we have that we decided to create a knowledge base where everything will be shared.

Some of the services we will talk about are

  • Vertical Garden - Natural

  • Vertical Garden - Artificial

  • Balcony Garden

  • Kitchen Garden

  • Front Lawn Garden

  • Backyard Garden

  • Rooftop Kitchen Garden

  • Terrace Garden

  • Container Gardening

  • Indoor Gardening