Solutions for Architects / Interior Designers / Civil Contractors

Products & Services for Architects / Interior Designers / Civil Contractors

GNG Agritech in collaboration with architects, interior designers, and civil contractors would create beautiful landscapes, green walls, install indoor blooming plants and more. The organization will work with your team from the point of pre-construction until the phase of completion. As a partner, it will provide you qualitative gardening supplies, aesthetic designs, budgeted consultation, and maintenance service.

The service is also available for individual home owners who wants to significantly boost the appeal of their indoors and outdoors.

Design to Execution of all your Gardening needs

Vertical Garden Maintenance Services

Supply of all material for your Garden.

Gardening consultation & Maintenance partner

Why Go towards green

Who knows better than you that why plants, gardens or landscape should form part of our surroundings. Green space is equal to a lively space. They not only add to the decor of the space but also let the people enjoy living there by creating comfortable shade. Besides adding beauty to a home, plants add value to the life of family members and therefore, have become everyday staples in households.


GNG Agritech team is all set to let you reap the benefits of sustainable environment services. It is ready to take the baton from plant installation to maintaining them and ensure that they live healthy, longer & greener. You can entrust the team to make your surroundings greener.



How all services do you provide?

As mentioned above we provide end to end solution for Greenery and making any space beautiful. We provide design to execution to maintenance services.

What is the benefit for an Architect or Interior Designer?

Greenery is the most happening thing right now. We at GNG want to ensure that a beautfully made space becomes more beautiful by using our cost effective landscaping service. The Architects and Interior designers are the guiding lights and torch bearers of this change and can make their clients understand the benefits of having a green space. You get a reliable partner with good understanding of the whole thing to execute what you can design.

How is GNG different from any of the landscaping company in the market?

We suggest you to go through our profile, we have many firsts to our credit and have been a change maker in the industry having launched multiple industry leading products and services.

I am builder, how does having greenery helps me?

Since, you are in the construction industry you understand that Greenery is the biggest value multiplier for any property. All the luxury properties are today focused on greenery and how a place can have a more natural and green look. So, having greenery in your under-construction property helps you in significantly increase in the cost of your property vis-a-vis investment done by you on the same.

How do we contact you?

You can contact us on the details mentioned on contact us page or on [email protected] & Mobile – 9643520281

Do you provide Drip Irrigation and water management services as well?

Yes, we provide Drip Irrigation and water management services as well.

I have an existing home in which I have been living do you provide services for that as well?

We provide customized solution for every space whether old or new, big or small.