Green Charcoal

Charcoal is made using wood residue which otherwise adds to the waste.

The charcoal is made using a pyrolytic process and is mixed with other organic materials. We try to use mainly waste material to make this charcoal and are working on creating a completely green alternative for the charcoal.



  • You save up to 50% then un-segregated charcoal as there is no Ash and no small particles

  • You take what you need resulting in better usage efficiency

  • You pay for what you take

  • Segregated charcoal is more energy efficient


Long Charcoal

This is the premium variety of charcoal used for specific purposes.

This charcoal is obtained by segregation of the best charcoal so created

This is the costliest variety of charcoal available.

getgreen_products_charcoal_grade 2_edite

Small Charcoal

This is the charcoal most commonly used across the industry

These pieces are mostly made of small pieces of size 1-2 inch thickness

This is good for heating purpose and has good efficiency

getgreen_products_charcoal_large pieces.jpeg

Large Charcoal

This is the thick variety used mostly where constant high heat is required for a long time

This variety is made up mostly of large bulky pieces for heat in long term

This is a cheaper variety of charcoal

getgreen_products_charcoal_small .jpeg

Economy Charcoal

These are the basic small pieces of the charcoal to be used as economically as possible.

These are made up of small pieces of uneven sizes ranging from 2 mm to10 mm

This is also good for heating purpose and has decent efficiency

Frequently asked questions

Why are there different charcoals?

We have segregated the charcoal into different sizes based on the uses suitable for each of them. This way one can get best efficiency and is most economical as well.

What are the packing Sizes available?

Currently packing sizes available are 40 Kg & 50 Kg

Is the charcoal dry?

Yes, the charcoal is dry and suitable for immediate use.

What is ths ash content in the charcoal?

Ash content is negligible less than 1% (caused during transportation) and in the economy verison there will be smaller pieces but ash content in that is also going to be less.

I have bulk requirement, how do I get in touch with you?

We give attractive discounts on bulk orders (minimum 200 kgs). For bulk order please use either of the below methods Email – Call / Whatsapp – 9967462061 / 9664630007 Use Contact Us form on the website Our team will get back to on receiving the details.