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BioChar as the name suggests is biologically made charcoal made using biomass through Pyrolytic process in the absence of oxygen. Biochar is a stable solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for thousands of years. Biochar thus has the potential to help mitigate climate change via carbon sequestration.
Benefits of BioChar
  • Increased Production
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Significant increase in soil microbes density
  • Retention of nutrients in soil like that for Nitrogen, Phosphorous
  • This leads to less water consumption & moisture retention
  • Regulating the soil temperature
  • Helps in Germination and Root growth
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gases
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Difference Between BioChar, Activated BioChar & VermiCompost


The life of BioChar is more than 10 years

BioChar helps in the growth of microbes in Soil overtime which helps in overall productivity improvement.

BioChar helps in higher nutrition retention especially magnesium, phosphate & calcium

Contains organic carbon up to 80% which helps in overall soil quality improvement significantly

Leads to significantly lesser green house emissions

One of the best products for carbon sequestration

Significant improvement in pesticides absorption

Very high moisture retention leading to water conservation


Activated BioChar

Life of Activated BioChar is about 20% lesser than BioChar

Activated BioChar helps in the growth of microbes in the soil in addition to providing basic nutrients

Activated BioChar also helps in nutrition retention but at a lower rate than BioChar

Organic Carbon content is up to 30% which also is great for providing to the soil

Lesser greenhouse emissions than others but more than Biochar

Gives marginal benefits of carbon sequestration

Marginal improvement in pesticides absorption

Marginal improvement in water retention



Life of VermiCompost is about 4-6 months.

VermiCompost provides basic nutrients to the soil for a short duration and needs to be given regularly

VermiCompost Nutrition retention is for a limited time and is significantly lesser than BioChar

Organic Carbon content is less than 10% and is comparatively much lesser then the other two

Not much effect on Greenhouse emissions

It provides no help in carbon sequestration

Temporary & partial effect in pesticides absorption

Very less moisture retention as compared to BioChar


Mix BioChar thoroughly in the soil if making a new pot. In case of an existing plant being used then mix it thoroughly in the top 2-3 inch layer of the soil. Make sure that the particles are not on top and have been mixed thoroughly.


Suggested use is 50 gms in a standard 8-9 inch pot. The dosage is to be repeated in an interval of 4 months for the first year. The dosage will increase according to the size of the pot or as per the size of the plant to which it is being applied to.