Activated BioChar

Activated BioChar as the name suggests is the activated version of BioChar. In this microbes and basic nutrients are added to it to make it effective immediately on plants and crops. This is different from BioChar as the Organic Carbon content is significantly lesser in this but since it has been activated the microbial activity in this is much higher.

Microbial Activity

Regular use of Activated BioChar will result in significant increase in microbes in soil

Soil Porosity Increment

As microbial activity increases in soil, it will result in increased soil porosity 

Lesser Water Consumption

Activated BioChar will help in lesser water consumption of soil due to increased microbial activity


Better soil porosity and temperature helps in better seed germination in the soil

Increased Production

Increase in soil microbial activity will result in gradual and sustainable increase in production

Provides Organic Carbon

Activated BioChar provides much needed organic carbon to the soil

Soil Temperature Regulation

Activated BioChar on regular use helps in regulating the soil temperature 

Carbon Sequestration

Activated BioChar helps in carbon sequestration into the environment and soil


Mix Activated BioChar thoroughly in the soil if making a new pot. In case of an existing plant being used then mix it thoroughly in the top 2-3 inch layer of the soil. Make sure that the particles are not on top and have been mixed thoroughly.


Suggested use is 50 gms in a standard 8-9 inch pot. The dosage is to be repeated in an interval of 4 months for the first year. The dosage will increase according to the size of the pot or as per the size of the plant to which it is being applied to.