In today’s world, when we are inhaling filthy air, drinking polluted water eating toxic food and sleeping under heaps of garbage. In return we are spilling out the same and  affecting, not only our own life rather that of the masses, creating the turbulent ripples in the sea of society.

So, we need to work from the entry point and that is, a good mind and good soul rests inly in a good body. We are here on this planet earth, to live and not only to exist. Unknowingly, we are moving away from ourselves. Impatience, Frustration, Irritation and all kind of negative thoughts have become part of our lives.

It is time we changed the same by going back to Mother Nature. Opting for green products is the only solution. Advancement in technology can’t be over-written but not at the cost of Environment. It is time we create a balance amongst the facets of life.

GNG agritech and waste management is the effort of GNG Group towards sustainable agricultural tradition which means performing the traditional practices of agriculture with the applied modern science to make it viable not only financially but for the environment also.

We are an vertically integrated company which apart from focusing on various ways of organic farming, also working towards a cleaner and safer environment for our homes. Our focus is not only to improve soil health by using bio-char, vermi-compost and practicing conservation agriculture in agronomic ways but also providing cheaper and healthier solutions to the menace of air pollution through plants.