About GNG Agritech & Waste Management

Our Company
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GNG Agritech & Waste Management is part of GNG Group of companies based out of Gurgaon and as the name suggests is one of the few companies working towards creating a sustainable model not just by words but by actions as well.


Living in the cities and with green space can be a challenge, keeping that in mind we have been working on creating a bouquet of services that will help urban residents to create a beautiful space for themselves by using our services.


We believe in "waste to worth" and in line with the same we have been working on creating a model wherein we utilize the waste currently biodegradable waste into more worthwhile products. We are working on innovative products for the same as well.


We believe that the time has come when we spread positive messages and inspiring stories about people working towards mother nature and how that is making an impact. We all as children of mother earth need to do our bit to make this earth a better place to live.