Today living a healthy life is a big challenge. There had been times when our forefathers had a long and disease-free life and that too without modern medical facilities. Today although the average life span has increased but the quality of life has deteriorated. People become victims of one disease or the other very early in life. It has happened because of the disastrous changes in the surrounding environment. Now everybody has started realizing that in the absence of quality life, the purpose of living is meaningless. 
We are inhaling filthy air, drinking polluted water, eating toxic food, and sleeping under heaps of garbage. Impatience, frustration, irritation, and all kind of negative thoughts have become part of our lives. 

“Let all us try to leave the Earth as a better place than when we arrived”. There is only one way to achieve it, which is to change the surroundings into a healthy environment.

Keeping in view, we have initiated an endeavor for this very cause, the brief of which is narrated below between the lines.


Who we are?


We take immense pleasure to introduce our company, GNG Agritech & Waste Management Private Limited, an initiative of GNG Group, a 25 years old group of companies having worked extensively in the field of Electrical & Civil Infrastructure development, Rural development in more than 10 states of the country. Towards sustainable agricultural tradition, which means performing the traditional practice of agriculture, to make it viable not only financially but for the environment also. We are one of the few companies in NCR to run on Green Energy. We have been able to display exemplary work in the field in a short span of 2 years by converting a barren land to oxyzone land.  We are promoted and managed by an experienced and qualified team of professionals from agriculture, project management, technology, and finance backgrounds.


We are specifically into Environment Solution Products and Services. Our Consultants possess the specialized skill sets to provide complete solutions on Environment Solutions. A copy of our profile is also enclosed herewith for your kind reference.


We are one of the few completely vertically integrated Agritech & Waste Management Company has a very diverse range of products & Services

  • Waste management – Making composts from biodegradable waste, we are currently doing the same for some societies in Gurgaon.

  • All types of organic composts – ActiChar, VermiCompost, Composts

  • All types of plants & saplings – Especially medicinal, herbal plants as well as organic saplings in specially made Dung Pots

  • A varied range of services – Vertical Garden, Kitchen Garden, Landscaping